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Mekkatti is a one-stop solution for our clients – vertically integrated from design, production to delivery. We pride our self on being able to provide solutions by meeting very tight deadlines and price demands, and in certain situations, working overnight to meet our clients needs. By utilizing aggressive buying policies and producing efficiently, Mekkatti is able to pass on these savings to its customers.

In this fast paced and ever changing world, Mekkatti Graphic Communications has tremendous flexibility. Our objective is to closely collaborate with our customers so that together an unprecedented level of excellence in all facets of the design and production process is achieved and to ensure that the most exacting requirements are met.

We provide a dynamic and flexible customer service capability that will meet any need – from launches to emergency rush orders. Our customers will never deal with non-conforming products that reduce or stop production lines, waste quality control time or product recalls, due to labeling issues.

Best In Class


In the words of out President & CEO, Subin Varghese “We are not just their print vendor, we are their partner.” The success of the Company can be attributed to the age-old philosophy – If our customers don’t look good, then we don’t look good. The entire company abides by this directive and strives to incorporate this attitude into our everyday procedures with practicing best quality control measures and producing superior quality output.

Experience In

With a focus on competitive pricing, on time delivery & product consistency, multiple pharmaceutical partners have certified us as their Primary Supplier.

The Mekkatti Group provides pharmaceutical manufacturers with a wide array of packaging and printing components and services for Rx brand and generic labeling as well as OTC package labeling. All of our services are compliant with FDA and other Complex regulations governing this industry. Our Corporate team includes industry-leading professionals with experience in

• Pre approval Labeling for FDA submession
• Graphic Design
• Post approval Labeling for printing and marketting